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Super Cell

Ougan patented Super Cells are truly a revolutionary aspect of foundation piling equipment and pile capacity tests used today. Unlike conventional cells that are essentially the combination of a group of hydraulic jacks, Super Cells are inflated, and split the foundation pile unit into two parts. Each part can be measured with the other part as a reaction from the soil or rock system that the foundation is set in. They are able to withstand large pile and load capacities, and fulfill the current need for bi-directional load tests and pile load tests. They are easy to use, bear larger load capacities, and offer increased concrete flow and reliability.
The Ougan Super Cell advantage:
Light weight, easy construction 
The Super Cell has a lightweight assembly, enabling it to be easily transported to and handled on site. It can be readily secured inside the rebar cage without the use of bearing plates.
Higher load capacities
The Super Cell design utilizes a much greater cross-sectional area of the pile, enabling larger loads to be applied using the same low hydraulic pressures. 
Improve concrete flow
The Super Cell design incorporates flow guides, which can help to remove any risk of laitance build-up that may occur during installation. They also improve the concrete flow, at the cell location, and also between the upper/lower section of the pile.
Improved reliability
The Super Cell is constructed entirely out of steel. An all-welded, hermetically sealed construction, where the cell’s increase in height is supported by expandable steel bellows. This feature removes the large sliding seals used by other BDSL methods, and allows for improved reliability of the fully sealed Super Cell.
Ougan Super Cells are made in flexible structures, and include (but not limited to) the following types:
Donut-shaped Super Cell – Usually applicable to friction pile with max. 1.2m diameter.
Multiple Super Cell Usually applicable to large pile diameter (>1.2m) and large load, flexible combination.
Solid Super Cell – Usually applicable to measure end bearing.

Donut-shaped Super Cell

Multiple Super Cell

Solid Super Cell
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