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The new campus of The Gansu Institute of Political Science and Law

Recently Ougan Technology successfully provided the bi-directional static load testing services using the patented Super Cell for the construction of a new campus for The Gansu Institute of Political Science, founded in 1956.

This new campus will be located in The Lanzhou New District which will be the largest campus for The Gansu Institute. The new campus outlay is for 24 individual buildings covering a total area of almost 300,000 square meters. These buildings will supply the 8,000 students with quality living and studying areas as well as buildings for classrooms, teachers’ offices, administration, cafeterias, and an indoor stadium with a large academic center.
The project is planned to be completed in two phases, with a final completion date of 2020. The first phase was started on November 8, 2017 with 12 of the 24 building in construction and a total area of 181,300 square meters, over half of the total project. The Ougan Group is proud to have the Super Cell chosen to confirm the bearing capacities of the drilled shafts throughout this project.
Below is the overview of the test results from the project so far.
Pile NO Pile Diameter Single pile testing load Pile Length Location of Super Cell from the bottom
S1 800mm 8000kN 42.8m 5m
S2 800mm 8000kN 57m 14m
S3 800mm 12000kN 59m 12m
15# 800mm 12000kN 42.9m 9m
37# 800mm 12000kN 45.8m 11m
64# 800mm 12000kN 43.6m 10m
25# 800mm 12000kN 46m 12m
75# 800mm 12000kN 46m 12m
64# 800mm 12000kN 39m 10m
S4 800mm 10000kN 46m 5m
S5 800mm 12000kN 46m 11m
S6 800mm 12000kN 48m 10m
S7 800mm 10000kN 44.8m 5m
S8 800mm 12000kN 46.3m 6m
S9 800mm 14000kN 46.5m 6m

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