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Ougan Group's 15-year anniversary commemorative ring award ceremony

2020 is a big year for The Ougan Group and Foundation Equipment Supplies (FES). The Ougan Group was founded in 2005 by Robin Mao and has grown from a company of only 2 employees to a worldwide enterprise with 120 employees and annual sales of 50 Million USD. In this year, our 15th anniversary, Ougan has become a world leader as a Chinese-based supplier for all foundation equipment and supplies and the world’s largest supplier of Bi-directional static load test service with the patented Super Cell.

Among the many celebrations of this year, the highlight was the commemorative ring award ceremony for Ougan employees, held on Oct 17 at the Gowin Hotel in Hangzhou, China, the home of The Ougan Group.
At the ceremony, the founder and President of The Ougan Group, Robin Mao, gave a speech reviewing the company's achievements and developments during the past 15 years, inspiring all in attendance to continue their efforts for the future development of The Ougan Group. Mr. Robin Mao attributes the Ougan Group's growth to the pursuit of Client First, Innovation, Goal-orientation, and Team spirit.
On the occasion of our 15th anniversary, our company prepared a special gift for every employee, an 18K gold ring engraved with the Ougan logo and the employee’s name. At the ceremony, Mr. Robin personally awarded rings to each employee with great thanks.
The 15th anniversary is a big milestone in the development of The Ougan Group and is also the beginning of more and better things to come.  Let us all together wish a bright future for The Ougan Group!
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