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Super Cells are the most important equipment used in the bi-directional static loading test process for producing loading force. They are developed by Ougan Technology in 2005 and patented, featuring reliability, loading precision, and cost-effectiveness.
Ougan Technology not only provides Super Cells for testing companies to use for deep foundation pile load testing, but also the listed services, among many others:
* planning on loading test
manufacturing of Super Cells
installation of Super Cells, telltales and strain gauges
data-collection on site and test result analysis on carrying capacity

Bi-directional loading test method for foundation pile testing with Ougan Super Cells is widely used among load test companies, engineering consultancies, project owners and contractors. By 2016, Ougan was able to contribute to the geotechnical industry by providing Super Cells and service to more than 2,000 bi-directional loading tests within one year. 
The milestones of Ougan Super Cell are briefed as below:
The Super Cell pile loading system – displacement and strain measuring system – for bi-directional static loading test are developed, and introduced to the foundation piling industry in China.
Ougan provided Super Cells for construction instrumentation and field service for the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the longest cross-sea bridge ever built in the world at the time of its construction. Bi-directional static load test was conducted instead of ordinary pile load tests at that time, introducing the Chinese market to larger load capacity test.
The Ougan Super Cell bi-directional static loading test was introduced to Zhengzhou Yellow River Bridge. By partnering with Loading Test Division of Henan Provincial Institution of Communications, the implementation of our Super Cell load cell and load capacity test was able to construct the longest Highway-Railway Bridge in the world.
Super Cell manufacturer — Ougan Technology,  was invited to prepare Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Technical Code for bi-directional static loading test, Shandong Province Technical Code for Bi-directional Static Loading Test.
Super Cell load cell and our advanced static pile loading test technique field service – bi-directional static loading test –contributed to the project of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.
Super Cells reached a milestone – contributing to an accumulated 1000 separate loading tests in civil construction projects as of now.
Ougan Technology has made our initial penetration to the market outside of mainland China with Super Cell load cell sales and bi-directional static load test field services. Along with the Chinese National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Building Engineering Materials, a key number of projects in Macao were planned and executed. Ougan’s testing lab was the only one in China qualified to provide bi-directional load test report accredited with CNAS — an international acknowledged organization.
New Super Cell factory with annual production capacity of up to 3000 sets Super Cells opened, and began production operations. 
First overseas joint venture, Attas Itech was established as a local loading test company that provides bi-directional static load testing service in Singapore with Super Cells.
By working with local loading test companies Super Cell’s instrumentation and field service were applied to the first African and Middle East-based projects, including the Sudan Port and University of Hail in Saudi Arabia.
Ougan Super Cells passed CE verification, the first load cells originated from Chinese manufacturer to have passed this verification. 
By working with Turkish loading test partner, Super Cell, instrumentation and field service were applied to the SABIHA GOKCEN AIRPORT TURKEY PROJECT (see our project list tab above).
More than 2000 sets of Super Cells were delivered this year. 
Ougan is awarded to supply up to 1000 sets of Super Cells for Lippo Cikarang Jakarta, a single project that requires the largest quantity of loading cells in the world.
More overseas branches and joint ventures for Super Cell sales and services are being established.
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